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Structure of the coalition


Sarra Messaoudi

Regional Lead

Sarra Messaoudi is a peacebuilding and NGOs development practitioner . With a Master's Degree in Management of Non-Profit Organisations, she has dedicated her full time passion to empowering youth-led communities and initiatives. Since 2019, Sarra has worked on advancing, maturing, and professionalising the Youth, Peace, and Security space . In 2022, Sarra was elected as the MENA representative ISG at United Network of Young Peacebuilders and became part of the Tunisian Facilitators coalition . Sarra is currently a consultant with different peacebuilding networks and regional lead of the MENA Coalition on Youth , Peace and Security where she works and advocates for just peace and youth leadership in the MENA region.

Hamza Essa

Community co-lead

Hamza Essa from Jordan, the Community Co-lead in the MENA Coalition on Youth, Peace, and Security, works in the humanitarian sector in Jordan on promoting the principles of peace and human rights, as well as advocating for social justice and women empowerment.

Mohammed Montasser

Communication co-lead

Montasser is a young communication leader, creative writer, and storyteller who works with NGOs and the MENA Coalition on YPS. He aims to build peace and protect young people's voices in the MENA region by increasing online awareness, sharing content, and engaging young people through social media strategies, creative campaigns, blog posts, books, newsletters, stories about human rights defenders, and conducting research.

Ahmed Alawmi

Fundraising Co-Lead

Ahmed Alawmi, hailing from Libya,dedicated advocate for youth empowerment and peacebuilding in the MENA region With a passion for empowering youth and advancing peace in the region, Ahmed plays a vital role in securing resources to support the coalition's impactful initiatives

Obada Snobar

Programming co-lead

Obada Snobar is the Program Co-Lead at the MENA Coalition On Youth Peace and Security focusing on driving learning within the coalition through different sessions and opportunities to share knowledge, experiences, best practices related to YPS. With a strong foundation in humanitarian project management and a track record of impactful contributions, Obada brings expertise and leadership to his current role. His distinguished participation in the Lazord Fellowship Program in 2022 underscores his commitment to advancing positive change.

Abdulrahman Karim

Programming co-lead

Abdulrahman Karim is a highly dedicated and passionate human rights defender and civil activist from Iraq. He is currently serving as the Human Rights and Freedoms Program Manager at the Peace and Freedom Organization, as well as the Youth Peace and Security Specialist in Erbil, Iraq. Abdulrahman's work since 2018 has been focused on promoting and advancing youth participation in peacebuilding and decision-making processes within Iraq and the wider MENA region. Through his work, he has established strong relationships with various local, regional, and international organizations, using his platform to amplify the voices of youth and advocate for their rights. In his role as programming co-lead at the MENA Coalition on YPS , he works on the development and implementation of programs and joint actions.

Governance Represented by

Dr. Main Alshamayleh

Chair of the Board

Dr. Main Alshamayleh is a professional with expertise in various fields including International security studies, Youth & Women Engagement, Parliamentary Affairs, Climate Security, Political Parties Development, Human Rights, Advocacy & Election Campaign, and Peacebuilding . He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations .Dr. Main has an extensive professional background, having served as the former Director of Civil Society Affairs and Human Rights, Director of Political Parties, and Parliamentary Affairs . He played a crucial role in shaping the Amman Declaration on Youth Peace & Security and building the national coalition to activate SCR 2250 on the national level . He is a member of the Global Coalition on Youth Peace & Security and the national coalition for activating SCR 1325 in Jordan . Additionally, Dr. Main is the co-founder of the MENA Coalition for Youth, Peace & Security and was honored as the first-place winner of the Middle East Partnership Initiative prize for the year 2021 (MEPI Programs).