We are a movement committed to taking bold and innovative actions toward a prosperous and peaceful Middle East and North Africa.
We are here to learn, exchange, and advocate.

We are here to make a difference!

We are a regional network that comes together to mobilize around the themes of peacebuilding, human rights, and climate security by

  1. Strengthening and reinforcing collective learning
  2. Collaborating together to face today’s most complex challenges.

Our shared Purpose

We are a community of youth-led organizations , young peacebuilders and HRDs from the MENA region committed to strengthening the implementation of the YPS agenda through dialogue, exchange of experiences, collaboration with various stakeholders, and taking collective action toward a more peaceful and inclusive society.

What do we work on?

Youth, Peace & Security

We work to bridge the gap between young peacebuilders, Youth lead organizations, CSOs with the regional and international stakeholders, to develop a regional inclusive framework on YPS and to advance the development of National Action Plans (NAPs) for YPS agenda in the MENA region.

Human rights

We provide a safe space for human rights activists enabling them to do their work more effectively and safely and to play a significant role in informing the international community and influencing policy.

Climate Security

With climate issues affecting our region more and more,we support CSOs , groups and individuals that tackle the climate security issues in our region especially in fragile contexts. We focus on preventing conflicts related to climate risks.

How do we do it?

We are a coalition of youth led organizations , HRDs and young Peacebuilders committed to mature, advance and promote the youth,peace,and security space.

Capacity Building

We strengthen the young peoples’ capacities around topics related to peacebuilding.

Exchange & Learning

We serve as a platform to share knowledge, resources, and best practices.

Policy & Advocacy

We mobilize local and international communities to take action.

Youth Protection

We provide adequate tools and resources for young people to do their work and raise their voices in a safe manner.

Our impact

MENA coalition on YPS is currently comprised of


Member Organizations


Young Peace Builders



Ways to Engage With Us